We are pleased to announce that The Argus Group, our parent company, has unanimously approved a definitive amalgamation agreement to combine Argus with BF&M, another Bermudian listed insurer, in an all-stock transaction, to form a larger and stronger company.  

Combined Business Insurance Policies

We can create a customised policy that meets your varied and complex needs

If your business does not fit within one of our package policies, let us customise a package for you.

Here is a sample of products we can package for you


Public & Products Liability

Public coverage offers indemnity against accidental injury, property damage or nuisance, trespass, obstruction or interference with any right of way. Product coverage protects against liability to pay compensation and claimants’ costs and expenses.


Property Damage

At Argus, we can provide protection against damage to property insured at the business premises. In addition, we offer glass coverage for breakage of all fixed glass—within limits—including the cost of temporary boarding up where necessary.



Our money protection options offers assurance against loss of or damage to money contained in the building both during and after business hours, whilst in a locked safe or strongroom, in transit or in your personal custody while contained in your private residence.

Additional Protection

Employer’s Liability

Coverage provides indemnity against your legal liability to pay compensation and claimants’ costs and expenses in respect of injury sustained by any employee arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Machinery Breakdown

Argus plans offer coverage for sudden or unforeseen physical loss of or damage to any of your business’ machines while it is operating or at rest and while it is being dismantled or moved for repair, cleaning or to be re-erected.

Computer Systems

Our policies offer a choice of up to three types of protection. Choose from coverage for material damage, computer media or additional expenditure.

Infidelity of Employees

Plans can include coverage against any loss of money or goods belonging to the insured, caused by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any employee.

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