We are pleased to announce that The Argus Group, our parent company, has unanimously approved a definitive amalgamation agreement to combine Argus with BF&M, another Bermudian listed insurer, in an all-stock transaction, to form a larger and stronger company.  

Restaurant & Pub Insurance

Argus designs specialised packaged insurances for Restaurants and Pubs

At Argus, we work with you to produce an insurance product that is tailored to your risks as well as to your budget.

Restaurant & Pub Insurance: What Does It Cover?



Argus offers protection for the contents of your restaurant/pub that you own or for which you are responsible.


Property Damage

At Argus, we can provide protection against damage to property insured at the restaurant or pub premises. In addition, we offer glass coverage for breakage of all fixed glass—within limits—including the cost of temporary boarding up where necessary.


Public Liability

Coverage provides Liability at Law for damages occurring in or about the buildings, for accidental bodily injury to or disease contracted by any person and for accidental loss or damage to material property as well as loss of profit sustained as a result of injury or property damage.

Additional Protection

Deterioration of Stock

Argus can shield your business from the financial impact caused by damage to refrigerated goods occurring as a result of mechanical failure.

Infidelity of Employees

Plans can include coverage against any loss of money or goods belonging to the insured, caused by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any employee.


Our money protection options offer assurance against loss of or damage to money contained in the building both during and after business hours, in transit or in your private residence.


At Argus, we understand the concerns and challenges of building ownership. Our plans preserve your equity with coverages that work best for your business.

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