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Through WestMed, you’ll be able to choose the individual health and life insurance products that are right for you

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WestMed is an independent insurance intermediary and wholly-owned subsidiary of Argus Group Holdings Ltd.

We offer specially tailored insurance products for you and your family, keeping your specific budget in mind


A Selection of Insurance Providers

WestMed will help you find the providers that work best for you and your family. Health insurance providers include BUPA, AXA PPP, ALC and NOW Health International. Life insurance is provided by AIG.


Rapid Response

Following inquiry, you’ll be provided with quick quotations, as well as full documentation and binding.


The Coverage You Need

Whether you’re seeking a basic cash plan or a more complete health product, WestMed offers a range of policies for individuals, couples and families. Optional Policy Extensions include dental, optical, optional excesses, medical history disregarded, evacuation and repatriation.

Additional Protection

We provide the coverage that’s right for you

With WestMed, life insurance benefits are tailored to meet your and your family’s requirements.

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