We are pleased to announce that The Argus Group, our parent company, has unanimously approved a definitive amalgamation agreement to combine Argus with BF&M, another Bermudian listed insurer, in an all-stock transaction, to form a larger and stronger company.  

Home Insurance

With Argus, you will have the security you need to protect your ‘home sweet home.’

PolicyArgus policies can insure your personal property as well as your home. Description

We Offer Protection Against a Variety of Threats



Argus Home Insurance provides financial protection for your home against damages caused by fire.



Argus Home Insurance covers your property and belongings against damage wrought by an abnormal weather event.


Water Leak

Argus Home Insurance provides financial protection for properties against the damages that occur as a result of water damage caused by burst pipes or flooding.

Additional Protection


Our Home Insurance provides peace of mind by insuring the contents in your home against a wide range of perils including fire, burst pipes/flooding and theft.


We insure your personal belongings such as jewellery, cameras and small personal effects against theft, loss and accidental damage. This coverage extends beyond the home.

Personal Accident

Argus offers individuals coverage for claims resulting from accidental bodily injury which independently of any other cause results in death or disablement.

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